MDC ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Case Discussion on ADHD Thomas Deliver, a 36-year-old male patient, enters your office for his initial appointment. According to the intake paperwork, Mr. Deliver is a computer programmer who is complaining of problems with concentration, completing tasks, and being terrible at listening during company meetings and even at home. He explains that he has difficulty […]

HSC 1531 FSCJ Urinary Tract Infection Diagnosis and Nursing Assignment Help

Instructions Below is a case study presentation of a patient with a condition discussed in this chapter. Read the case study and answer the questions for Case Study 3: Acute Pyelonephritis. Some questions will ask for information not included within this chapter. Use your text, a medical dictionary, or any other reference material you choose […]

UT Left Knee Pain Case Study Differential Diagnosis SOAP Nursing Assignment Help

For CASE STUDY 1 ON RICHARD Use the Episodic/Focused SOAP Template and create an episodic/focused note about the patient in the case study to which you were assigned using the episodic/focused note template provided in the Week 5 resources. Provide evidence from the literature to support diagnostic tests that would be appropriate for each case. […]

COPD Exacerbation Diagnosis and Treatment Essay Nursing Assignment Help

Chief Complaint: Shortness of breath and increased sputum production Background Information: James is a 60-year-old male with a known history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He has a 30-pack-year history of smoking but quit 10 years ago. He has been compliant with his medications, which include an inhaled corticosteroid/long-acting beta-agonist (ICS/LABA) combination inhaler and […]

WCU Health & Medical Diagnosis and Management for Nursing Assignment Help

Rewatch the same Patient Interview. This time, you will focus on writing the diagnosis and differential discussion. The discussion should include the following sections:   A summary of findings Psychodynamic formulation Primary diagnosis with ICD code Prognosis Plan including medications, labs, therapy, patient education, follow up, non-pharmacological treatments 

NSU The Significance of Thorough Differential Diagnosis Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Case Presentation For this activity, we will focus on presenting patients in addition to assessing clinical reasoning. Students will select a patient from the clinical setting that presents with a complaint consistent with the topical content for the course week. Presentations need to follow SOAP format with reflections. Address the following: Subjective (S) =chief complaint […]

STU Rashes Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

FOR THIS DISCUSSION WE ARE GOING TO USE CASE 2 For this Discussion, you will take on the role of a clinician who is building a health history for one of the following cases. Your instructor will assign you your case number.  Case 1Case 2Case 3Chief Complaint (CC)  A 57-year-old man presents to the office […]

Health Diagnosis question Nursing Assignment Help

Expert Solution Preview Introduction: As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance in medical college, I strive to design lectures, examinations, and assignments that effectively challenge and assess the knowledge and skills of my students. My goal is to provide meaningful feedback to help students improve and excel in their […]