Resegregation and Systemic Inequalities

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In chapter 2 (“The Anatomy of Inequality: How the Opportunity Gap Is Constructed”) of her book The Flat World and Education, Linda Darling-Hammond lists these factors as causes of the opportunity gap (and thus reinforcers of social reproduction): poverty and lack of social supports limited early learning opportunities resegregation and unequal school learning unequal access to qualified teachers lack of access to high quality curriculum dysfunctional learning environments How does Kozol’s chapter “Hitting them hardest when they’re small” (Chapter 2) and/or “A hardening of lines” (Chapter 6) add rich details and description to help you visualize these items from LDH’s chapter in action? Feel free copy and then add information below each bullet point listed above

#Resegregation #Systemic #Inequalities

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