Tips for Balancing Work and Nursing Studies: Strategies for Success

As nursing school can be demanding, many nursing students simultaneously face the challenge of balancing work and school. Nursing students need to have strategies for success, as stress levels can rise and the work-school-life balance can become chaotic and overwhelming. A recent survey shows approximately 75% of nursing students work while studying. In this article, we will provide helpful tips and strategies for nursing students and professionals on how to balance work and nursing studies effectively.


Know Your Priorities

Knowing your priorities helps you to stay focused on your goals and assignments. Prioritizing helps in managing work and study time effectively.

What to do here:

  • Identify your values and what really matters to you.
  • Create a priority list of tasks.
  • Schedule your time based on your priorities.


Time Management Techniques

Time management is the key to balancing work and nursing studies.

What to do here:

  • Set aside a specific time for studying, which should be listed in your schedule.
  • Break long study sessions into smaller chunks of time to focus and maintain concentration.
  • Eliminate distractions like social media, TV, and phone notifications.


Healthy Habits for Success

Self-care is crucial for success in nursing school. Focus on healthy habits and make lifestyle changes to ensure optimal performance.

What to do here:

  • Incorporate exercise and physical activity into your daily schedule.
  • Prepare healthy and nutritious meals to fuel your body and mind.
  • Get enough sleep to improve your concentration, memory, and overall health.


Setting Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals helps you maintain focus and motivation.

What to do here:

  • Identify small achievable goals you can accomplish in a realistic timeframe.
  • Celebrate each accomplishment that you make along the way to keep the momentum going.


Seeking Help and Support

Asking for help and support when needed is essential in balancing work and nursing studies.

  • Work with your professors or tutors. They can assist you with course material or offer advice and guidance regarding study tips.
  • Seek support from friends or family; they can encourage and motivate you when things get tough.
  • Finally, discuss your goals and concerns with your supervisors or employers. Your employer can offer flexibility or modifications in your work schedule to help you balance work and school responsibilities.



This article has provided valuable tips and strategies for nursing students to balance work and nursing studies. While it’s challenging to balance both responsibilities, it’s crucial to prioritize and manage your time effectively. You can achieve success in nursing school by setting realistic goals, practicing self-care, and seeking support when needed.



Q. How can I find time to study while working full time?

Identify times during the day when you can study effectively and include them in your schedule. Also, consider studying during breaks or lunch hours at work.


Q. How can I communicate my needs to my employer while balancing work and school?

Be honest and upfront about your needs and limitations, communicate effectively, and offer solutions that will benefit both you and your employer.


Q. What time-management apps or tools can help me keep track of my schedule?

Many reliable and free time-management apps exist, including Todoist, Google Keep, Focus@Will, RescueTime, and Forest.


Q. What are some healthy snack options for studying on the go?

Opt for fruits, nuts, granola bars, or smoothies. These healthy options will provide the necessary nutrients and keep you full and focused.


Q. How can I manage stress while balancing work and school?

Prioritize self-care and engage in stress-reducing activities such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. Utilize support networks, friends, and family to manage stress and stay motivated.

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