I submitted my lesson plan but I guess I did

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 I submitted my lesson plan but I guess I did not do it right. I have attached what the instructor has sent me. Please look at what I submitted and make corrections. I NEED THIS ASSIGNMENT BEFORE NOON CENTRAL TIME ZONE TOMORROW.

Additional Information for Lesson Planning

For your Student Learning objectives, begin them with TSW and tell which ones you expect to assess. You have way too many. Also identify them as Bloom’s levels. Most of yours say demonstrate. Will they not apply some skills, which is a higher level? I should see a TTW and TSW sequence as to what you are instructing (saying) and what you expect TSW do. Follow the lesson plan sample, with the exception that you will not say you merely observe students doing skills. For assessments, you should use a checklist, exit ticket, pre-post assessment, etc. You need to re-do this assignment.

I need more information for your lesson plan for those indicators other than 11, 12, 18, & 24. I need you to upload a document titled, Additional Information, in which you justify/explain how you use these indicators (where you stated this is observable) in your lessons. You should not say in your plans that “this will be observed”. Please help the reader know your intentions by stating “how” you implement the indicators. I noticed some of you addressed these in your classroom description sheet, such as those indicators for classroom management, including and how you arrange your classrooms to create a culturally inclusive environment for fairness, safety, respect, etc

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