For the final project you must choose a social problem

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For the final project you must choose a social problem specific to femmes, women, girls, and trans and intersex people, (e.g. rape culture, homelessness, drug addiction, police violence, forced sterilization, domestic terrorism, colorism) and present that social problem via the sociological imagination with a specific look at gender/sexuality. There are no stipulations on how you present this information. If you would like to do a project type that is not listed, please let me know so we can come up with an equitable solution for grading. 

Your options include but are not limited to: 

  • Powerpoint, Weebly, Slideshare: 25 slides max 
  • Paper: 10 pgs double spaced Times New Roman. 1″ margins. Please use APA, ASA or MLA format.
  • Interviews: 3 people minimum with write-up. 
  • (Synchronous or Asynchronous)Video: 7minute minimum 
  • (Synchronous) Zoom Presentation: 10 minutes. We will schedule a time. This can be accompanied with a powerpoint or a paper. 
  • (Synchronous or Asynchronous) Performance Art: Please email me if this is what you would like to do.
  • Some people are more creative than others, I’ve seen people create games, rap, do live art, however you understand and present this information can be accommodated. 

The audience: If someone with little familiarity with the topic. 

  • You must choose one theory or paradigm to orient your project (functionalist, conflict, critical etc…) *you can find this information in the week 1 YMAY chapter, you are free to use to a theory not mentioned in the text*
  • Explain what the sociological imagination is in reference to your topic
  • Talk about your biases and assumptions 
  • Explain what social institutions are involved with this social issue 
  • Use concepts at least from five (5) other weeks of class material to describe your social issue  

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