The student will analyze their performance on the Clinical Nursing Assignment Help

The student will analyze their performance on the Clinical Judgment Exam (CJE) Readiness and reflect on areas of opportunity and strategies to promote NCLEX-RN success and transition into practice. The student will apply the priority concept (topic) to evidence-based professional practice upon which nurses have the ability to resolve or have a positive impact. There […]

AMU SNOMED CT Clinical Data Standardization Report Nursing Assignment Help

You are working for a physician who asks you to link a series of the SNOMED CT concept codes to ICD codes. Using the I-MAGIC mapping tool, complete the table to map the codes. I-MAGIC In a 2-page report: Assess the use of SNOMED-CT codes. Explain the use of SNOMED-CT and its benefits. Describe the […]

Reflect on your experiences as a member of a clinical team. Nursing Assignment Help

Reflect on your experiences as a member of a clinical team. What makes a team effective or ineffective in terms of achieving expected outcomes for the patients? (Saunders, 2014) Submission Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

MDC Depression Clinical Case Peer Response Nursing Assignment Help

CASE STUDY DISCUSSION Summarize the clinical case. A 28-year-old woman has presented with the following symptoms: persistent headaches, exhaustion, problems sleeping, a lack of interest in activities, difficulty focusing, frequent weeping outbursts, a loss of appetite, and a 10-pound weight loss over the previous month. She takes ibuprofen for migraines and has no substantial medical […]

CALUMS Clinical Issue Quality Improvement Project Nursing Assignment Help

Goal: To assess a clinical issue that is the focus of your Quality Improvement Project. Create a description of the clinical issue to be addressed in the project. Content Requirements: Identify the clinical issue that will be the focus of your Quality Improvement project. Provide rationale for the need to change the status quo. Identify […]

MDC Patient With Clinical Depression Case Study Nursing Assignment Help

Case Discussion on Depression: A 28-year-old female presents to your office stating that she is troubled by headaches and fatigue. She says that she always feels tired and can’t sleep well, often waking up early if she gets to sleep at all. She describes her headaches as dull, aching, and generalized. These symptoms began about […]

NUR 620 STU Clinical Case Analysis of Ms Richardson Nursing Assignment Help

After studying Module 6: Lecture Materials & Resources, discuss the following: Case Study A 74-year-old African American woman, Ms. Richardson, was brought to the hospital emergency room by the police.  She is unkempt, dirty, and foul-smelling.  She does not look at the interviewer and is apparently confused and unresponsive to most of his questions.  She […]