(SOLVED) Conduct research and find at least two examples of how statistics are used in your field

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Discussion: Unit 1


Unit 1 Discussion - Using Statistics


Please complete the following steps for your first discussion post and response.

·         Conduct research and find at least two examples of how statistics are used in your field

·         Your response should be detailed and specific.

·         Here’s an example for a student who is going into the field of nursing: Statistics such as blood pressure, temperature, cholesterol, or weight are used to describe a patient’s current health status and determine whether each value lies within a normal range of values.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.


Unit 1 Assessment - Identify Variable Types and their Values


In this assignment, you will be required to use the Heart Rate Dataset to complete the following:

·         Identify the variables in the dataset

·         Classify each variable as qualitative or quantitative discrete or quantitative continuous

·         Specify the possible values of each variable

·         Give a brief written description of what each variable tells us about the data provided.


1.    Open the Heart Rate Dataset in Excel

2.    There are 3 columns of data. Each column represents a different variable.  What are the 3 variables represented in the dataset?

3.    Identify each of the 3 variables as qualitative, quantitative discrete, or quantitative continuous

4.    Identify the possible values of each of the 3 variables in this dataset.

5.    Briefly describe what information each of the 3 variables tells us about the data

Additional Instructions:

Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. The assignments must include

·         Running head

·         A title page with

o    Assignment name

o    Your name

o    Professor’s name

o    Course


Discussion: Unit 2,


Unit 2 Discussion -

Misleading Graphs 

Can inaccurate graphs bias the interpretation of data? Graphs provide a visual representation of data meant to provide information. Here are three graphs that may present data in an inaccurate or misleading manner.  Choose one graph for this discussion and answer the questions based on your chosen graph.



For this discussion, you are to choose one graph, and complete these steps based on the graph you chose:


·         State the graph you chose.

·         Discuss how you interpreted the graph when you first saw it.

o    What did it tell you about the data represented?

o    Did you find it confusing?

·         Now, study the graph. Use your understanding of the topics Graphs, Pie Charts, and Bar Charts to interpret what is being presented.

·         Compare your first impression with your second more informed interpretation and answer the following:

o    Is the information presented in a biased way (that is, is it misleading?)

o    What information is being misinterpreted here? How?

o    What type of graph was used and was it used correctly?

o    How could you correct the graph so that it more accurately represents the data?

·         Discuss why someone might intentionally use a graph to mislead?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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Unit 1 Discussion - Using Statistics

            Quantitative variables might be continuous or discrete. Continuous variables can take on any value between two values, such as out to an unlimited number of decimal places. In contrast, discrete variables can only take on a limited set of values, for instance, just whole integers (Jeong et al., 2019).

Unit 1 Assessment

Therefore, from the data provided in Excel, it is appropriate to deduce that the dataset comprises three main variables.

Unit 2 Discussion - Misleading Graphs

The graph I selected to use is Graph 2, which shows preferences for pizza toppings based on a study of individuals in the United Kingdom.

When I initially saw it, the colors and visuals were what caught my eye and piqued my interest in this graph. The individuals asking for the data can see this because they are utilizing