Research Paper: Leadership Traits – Assignment Instructions

Research Paper: Leadership Traits – Assignment Instructions


Leader traits can often predict the success or failure of a person. This assignment is meant to distinguish the nuances and reflect on what these traits mean in a leadership role.


· Consider the list of traits given in the texts and other literature and choose the top traits an effective leader should have and justify them.

· Consider the traits that are not desirable for Christians in public leadership.

· Finally, research and describe the ‘Rational Actor’ or ‘Rational Choice’ models and assess how traits can influence ‘Rational Actor’ or ‘Rational Choice’ decision-making.

This paper should be 12 – 14 pages in length of content and be formatted using APA Style.


Preston Manning. (2017). Faith, Leadership, And Public Life

Shafritz, Jay M.; Hyde Albert C. (2016) Classics of Public Administration, 9th Edition

Montgomery Van Wart (2015). Dynamics of Leadership in Public Service

Michael E. Milakovich, George J. Gordon (2013) Public Administration in America

*A minimum of 12 references is required.

*Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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