FLA Assignment C Rubric 1-    Criteria            Insight into

  FLA Assignment C Rubric

1-    Criteria


Insight into Conflict


Depth of analysis and understanding of the conflict presented including own and others’ roles.




Mark (5%)

The work consistently demonstrates clear insight well beyond a recounting of facts.


2-    Criteria

           Antecedents to Conflict



Mark (15%)

The author provides consistent evidence of deep analysis including: taking multiple perspectives; implications; and considering both internal and external factors affecting agents.


There is a strong and meaningful connection between the conflict and the literature




Implications of the Conflict


Mark (15%)



There is a detailed analysis of the implications of the conflict for all directly and indirectly affected stakeholders.

Relevant literature is integrated to support the authors arguments.



Resolution of the Conflict


Mark (15%)


Clear, evidence-based strategies have been discussed in the relation to the resolution of the incident.



5-    Criteria

Communication Clarity and correctness of written expression.


Mark (5%)


A pleasure to read. Consistently precise and unambiguous wording, clear and lucid sentence structure. Flawless grammar and spelling.


6-    Criteria

Writing and Presentation and citation


Formatting of the paper and references.



Mark (5%)


Paper is presented in full accordance with APA format.

Citations and references are formatted flawlessly throughout.

Sources of ideas are correctly attributed in all cases.

Paper is within the recommended word count.


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