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This assessment is dedicated to examining emotional intelligence (EQ). The concept of emotional intelligence was developed by Daniel Goleman and has four main components: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management (Daft, 2023). Emotional intelligence is loosely defined as an individual’s ability to “perceive, identify, understand and manage emotions in self and others” (Daft, 2023, p. 146). Experts argue that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of successful decision making and interpersonal relationships than cognitive intelligence, or IQ (Daft, 2023).

Additionally, emotional intelligence is now recognized as a critical factor in leadership development. Your work on this assessment will build on the personal leadership assessment you completed in the first assessment. That leadership assessment examined five critical domains from a high level. In this assessment you will look specifically at emotional intelligence. By completing this assessment, you will evaluate your EQ and explore the role that EQ plays in successful leadership.


Daft, R. L. (2023). The leadership experience (8th ed.). Cengage.


  • Complete the Emotional Intelligence media activity that introduces the following four dimensions of emotional intelligence:
    • Self-awareness
    • Social awareness
    • Self-management
    • Relationship management
  • Complete the Vila Health: Emotional Intelligence simulation that examines interactions between a respiratory therapist and two nurses. 


Write a paper that responds to the following:


Discuss the scene and what happened between Christina Robledo and the two nurses in the Vila Health simulation. Do you feel the nurses demonstrated strong emotional intelligence in their communications with Christina Robledo? Why or why not?

  • What are the key elements of emotional intelligence that were demonstrated in this scenario?
  • Which key elements of emotional intelligence were lacking from the scenario?
    • How might the scenario have turned out differently if these elements had been demonstrated? 


Assess your own emotional intelligence. Reflect on your own interactions with others.

  • Do you feel you are able to identify and understand others’ emotions?
  • Are you able to control your own emotions when dealing with others?
  • Which specific elements of emotional intelligence do you feel are the strongest in you?
  • Which elements of emotional intelligence would you like to improve?
    • Provide examples that illustrate your self-assessment


Analyze reasons for health care leaders to develop their emotional intelligence skills in all dimensions:

  • Describe each dimension of emotional intelligence and explain why it is important for health care leaders to develop their skills in each area.
  • Explain the impact of emotional intelligence on relationships and communication effectiveness in health care organizations:
    • If you were one of the nurses in the Vila Health simulation, how could you have communicated differently with Christina Robledo to acknowledge her concerns and her emotions?
    • What are your overall impressions of the organizational culture of the hospital in the simulation?
    • How does emotional intelligence impact relationships and communication effectiveness in health care organizations in general?
  • Analyze the impact of emotional intelligence on cultural competence in health care organizations:
    • How could emotional intelligence be used to improve cultural competence?
  • Discuss how emotional intelligence promotes teamwork and collaboration in culturally diverse organizations:
    • Do you feel teamwork and collaboration are valued at the organization portrayed in the Vila Health simulation?
    • How could emotional intelligence be used to improve teamwork and collaboration between Christina Robledo and the nurses? 

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