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Your goal for your Term Project is to create a PPT presentation

Your presentation will be fictional base where you are communicating to your staff and/or Board regarding how to build a workplace culture of continuous improvement in a specific hospital department. For this assignment, you will select ONE specific hospital department Only “ONTARIO HOSPITALS” from CANADA 

(i.e., emergency, medical-surgical, ob-gyn, critical care, cancer care etc.) and address ONE specific change management improvement required within the department. This will take into consideration rationale of what change is expected to be improved, organizational behavior issues to address among the staff, description of the expectations of managing the 4 P’s (people, process, planning, and performance) and the 3 C’s (communication, culture, and commitment) as well as your personal recommended leadership style that you will use to lead the change improvement, followed by a conclusion with key recommendations to your staff/Board.

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