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Case Study Scenario

The internist recommends a dermatology workup for a suspected SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) in her 40-year-old female patient. The patient presents symptoms, including erythema rash across her cheeks and nose, photosensitivity resulting in a raised rash in sun-exposed areas, patches of alopecia, and pain and stiffness in her joints. The dermatologist examines the patient and orders exfoliative cytology and fungal scrapings to rule out other sources of the rash. Her internist had already placed the patient on oral anti-inflammatory medication for joint pain. The dermatologist orders corticosteroid cream for the rash. The patient is advised to use sunscreen and make a follow-up appointment for the results of the biopsy.

The Red-Faced Runner Case Study Questions

What pathological condition does the internist think this patient might have? Look this condition up in a reference source, and include a short description of it. SLE is an autoimmune disease. Use a reference source to look up the name of another autoimmune disease. 

Define the highlighted terms in your own words. erythema and alopecia (4 points)

What diagnostic tests did the dermatologist perform? Describe them in your own words. Why were they important in helping the dermatologist make a diagnosis?

Each physician (internist and dermatologist) initiated a treatment. List and describe them in your own words. 

What do you think the term workup means? 

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