RUN Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Nursing Assignment Help

Description of the diagnosis including the disease process/etiology, diagnostic criteria, common features, developmental consequences

Description of impact on occupational engagement and performance across disease process/time (childhood through early adulthood)

Clinical reasoning behind facilitation of occupation based, activity based,  preparatory methods and tasks (including therapeutic exercise), education and training, and advocacy interventions (must address promotion, compensation, adaptation, and prevention)

Grading and adaptation of processes and environments to support the diagnosis and changing needs over time based on client and contextual factors

Assistive technology, ergonomic, and positioning options for use in supporting occupational engagement

Consideration of feeding and dysphagia concerns with assigned diagnosis

Care coordination planning including data collection/monitoring/reassessment, data analysis and application to treatment planning, interprofessional and other stakeholder collaborations, discharge, and available support resources (local, regional, national, international)

Table of Contents

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