Intro to Co-Design What we want you to do For your Nursing Assignment Help

Intro to Co-Design

What we want you to do

 For your individual project, assemble a co-design team, using selected principles of design justice.

In your response, answer the following questions:

1) If the design process is intended to prioritize design’s impact on the community over the intentions of the designer, what area of concern should the process for designing the system address (i.e., what is the design problem?)? (4 points)

2) If the “voices of those who are directly impacted by the outcomes of the design process” are centered in the design of this system, who should be included in the co-design team? (4 points)

3) What outcomes should this co-design team expect for from a design process that would “sustain, heal, and empower our communities, as well as to seek liberation from exploitative and oppressive systems”? (4 points)

4) What kind of process for designing the system should the co-design team propose so that the outcomes emerge from an accountable, accessible, and collaborative process? (4 points)

5) What will your role in the co-design team be? How can you be a facilitator rather than an expert? (Think about framing your answer using the guiding principles of co-design from your lecture) (4 points)


 A word document no longer than 750 words with clear and succinct answers to questions 1 to 5 We are looking for how you would envision the construction of a design process in accordance with the principles of design justice.

Readings that should be used:

  • Sanders, E. B., & Stappers, P. J. (2008). Co-creation & the new landscapes of design. CoDesign, 4(1), 5-18.
  • Bate, P., & Robert, G. (2006). Experience-based design: from redesigning the system around the patient to co-designing services with the patient. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 15(5), 307-310
  • Huffstetler H., Boland, S., Williams, C. Rice, D., Ramaswamy, R. Beyond Virtue-Signaling: Advancing Equity through Design Justice and Public Health Critical Race Praxis. Health Equity. Volume 6.1, 2022

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