HIMA 360 AMU The Park Health System Integration Proposal Nursing Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will prepare a presentation for your proposal to the project committee. Your proposal should be professionally formatted, free of typos and errors, well-written, and well-organized. The project manager should be knowledgeable and well-informed of the information in the proposal. When presenting to executive managers and stakeholders, the goal is to create a clear idea of what is being recommended and what the beneficial factors are. A s previously noted, the project manager should be an effective communicator, with the ability to exchange information.

Create a professional presentation (8 – 10 slides) using MS PowerPoint that you will present to the project committee.  Remember, your presentation should always complement you as the speaker. Here is an excellent SlideShare presentation of how to create presentations that “Wows” the audience and how to fight Death by PowerPoint remember, adding a little sparkle will help keep the audience engaged. 

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