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The ways in which managers deal with—or fail to deal with—drama and negativity in the workplace have far-reaching effects on the overall organizational culture. The average professional spends a significant portion of their lives in the workplace, so it would be sensible to ensure that it is as enjoyable an experience as possible. Although many people “put up with” toxic work environments, they also frequently leave those environments to be treated better. For those who stay, it can be expected that they would be less committed and connected to their job. Instead of thinking of ways to innovate or cut costs, they might spend their mental energy imagining what they will be doing on their next vacation. Leaders who strive to create a drama-free workplace do their part to avoid that outcome.

In this Discussion, you will recall an instance of workplace drama or negativity you’ve observed or experienced. You will then analyze the manager’s role in the experience and develop specific, behavioral suggestions for ways that same manager could have responded to foster a more positive overall environment.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the resources from this week focusing on creating a drama-free workplace.

Identify an example—from your own experience—either of a workplace that was characterized by drama or negativity, or a singular incident involving drama or negativity that was poorly handled by management.

Also consider the role of the manager in the situation. 

Post an analysis of the role of a manager in influencing workplace culture and formulate some recommended managerial action steps for addressing drama and negativity and improving the workplace culture. Specifically:

  • Describe, in detail, the situation involving workplace drama and/or negativity.
  • Interpret the manager’s role in either fueling or permitting the drama or negativity.
  • Explain how the manager might have behaved differently and propose some recommendations for the manager to foster a more positive, drama-free work environment going forward.  

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