This paper should be 3 pages long apa format must have a Nursing Assignment Help

This paper should be 3 pages long apa format must have a reference and cover page must have at least four sources and doubled space 

Read the introduction, preamble, and general principles sections of the Code of Ethics at  to an external site..

Then review:

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 44-172 –> pages 27-28 –> Sections 3.3.1 through 3.4.9 (High Interest List & HIL Procedures) (it is uploaded into the documents section for you). This must be one of the sources

Using the class material reviewed until this point, please complete the following major paper assignment.  Feel free to use additional and credible resources and cite your work.  Remember, APA format is a critical part of your grade.

Would you feel comfortable consulting with a patient’s commander, who is not medical personnel? What would it take to justify breaking confidentiality for the greater good of the patient? Why or why not? Would you consult with anyone else before deciding to do so? Which ethical standards would be in conflict when deciding to do so? How would you resort to the AFI to help you in your decision-making? What if the patient’s commander is a Lt Colonel, who’s never met the patient (a Private), and you don’t know about their level of agreeableness with mental health treatment? You may want to refer to the Military Rank Charts attachment as a reference. Lastly, how would you document this encounter in your note?

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