Systems Deliverable 3 draws on course content from weeks Nursing Assignment Help


Deliverable 3 draws on course content from weeks 1-5. Begin your slide deck, incorporating feedback from the instructor on your project idea and adding the following:

  1. A system statement as the title of your slide deck
  2. Summary of the Public Health Challenge and Issue brief, including a description of a system and the area of concern you want to address (the “wicked problem”)
  3. At least 1 characteristic of a wicked problem that illustrates how your system is a wicked problem. Provide an example of why your system meets this characteristic in your geographic area of focus.
  4. A description of system boundaries and a rich picture of the system
  5. A list of 4-6 key community partners. Conduct a CATWOE analysis for each community partner and a root definition.
  6. A causal loop diagram (CLD) that visually represents the system you are focusing on, and at least one system archetype that represents your wicked problem.
  7. A case for transformation that will guide your system co-design approach (parts II and III) Identify an example for each of the system leverage point (e.g., system infrastructure, information flows, organizing principles, and mindsets) without including specific solutions or interventions.

System Statement is: The System to Reduce African-American Maternal Mortality Rates in Harris County, TX

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