Write a paper over Iron Deficiency AnemiaWrite an original Nursing Assignment Help

  1. Write a paper over Iron Deficiency Anemia
  2. Write an original (cannot copy and paste the content from the website) essay and include, but not limited to, the disease process, symptoms, diagnoses, trends in health care, possible genetics, morbidity and mortality, and case studies.
  3. Locate three scholarly websites on the topic 
  4. Your word count will be 500 words (excluding references and in-text citations).
  5. Conclude your thoughts by commenting critically on the relevance of all three websites that were used.
  6. Include your sources as an APA citation (I recommend using: www.easybib.comLinks to an external site. )  Students MUST provide an in-text citation to show which parts of the work are coming from which source.

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