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The  demand for healthcare administrators has gone up substantially over  recent decades, as has the salary range for the position. The job of  managing healthcare facilities has become more challenging and more  important than ever before. How would you describe the dual purpose of  financial management in health care today? 


An  essential aspect of healthcare financial management for any medical  facility is the year-end closing. What are the primary accounts that  must be addressed in the year-end closing process? List these accounts,  and briefly describe the procedure for each. 


What  is meant by a pro forma financial statement? How are pro forma  financial statements utilized in determining whether a major proposed  project for the healthcare organization should be approved or not?  Provide at least two examples of healthcare projects that should be  analyzed by pro forma statement before making a go or no-go decision.


Consider  the big picture of our American economy with health care being an  important part of it. How does the large share of American gross  domestic product (GDP) that we spend on health care each year impact our  nation’s economy overall? What other areas of our economy may currently  be suffering because of so much medical spending? In your view, can  America continue to spend this much money on health care without  sacrificing the quality of American life in other areas? Why or why not?  Please support your position.

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