This unit summarizes the steps we have gone through to Nursing Assignment Help

This unit summarizes the steps we have gone through to translate research into practice. We discussed a clinical problem and developed a PICO question. We searched for evidence and critiqued the proposed solution as seen in the literature. In the unit readings, these are presented as 11 sequential steps. We have covered the first 7 of these steps.

You will now address steps 8-11, implementing the practice change as the manager of your unit or facility. Using the unit information and information from the Library, outline the change in practice that you will theoretically initiate, based on your findings.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation to present to the staff who will be affected by the practice change you are recommending based on your evidence. In the PowerPoint Presentation address the following:

    • Title (start with a title page and end with a reference slide
    • Introduce the problem and present the evidence
    • Identify a model you would use to frame your change and explain why you chose it
    • Identify champions for change and how you will utilize them
    • Identify barriers to change and how you will address those
    • Discuss the staff education needed and how it will be provided
    • What is the timeline for this change?
    • How will the change be evaluated?
  • Consider: Expertise of the staff, values and attitudes of the patients, and buy-in of the stakeholders when determining how to implement your plan.

Additional Instructions:

  • Create a reference slide and put all references used in the presentation
  • Add (speaker) presenter notes which enhance the content of the slides, as if you were presenting to a group, and this is your script. In PPT, access “notes view” to see the presenter notes boxes. Slides should not contain paragraphs of narrative or complete sentences. They should contain only bullet points or brief explanations. The longer narratives belong in your presenter notes.

Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.

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