Step by Step Guide to Critiquing Research Questions Nursing Assignment Help

Write a 600-word APA-style critique on the attached article. Do not use any outside sources. Attached is an example of a previous article critique that can be useful. Follow the following prompts that can be seen in the attached doc also.

Explicitly address      the following questions:

What major issue(s)      are addressed in this article?

Who were the      subject(s) involved in the study?

  • What was the      author’s/authors’ research question/hypothesis?

What methodology was      utilized to gather data?

What qualitative/quantitative      information was presented in this study?

What obstacles, if      any, jeopardized, compromised, or impacted the study?

  1. Is the argument      valid? well presented? convincing? Why? Why not?

Did the article      successfully answer the research question(s) it posed originally?

  1. Are there other      considerations that could be drawn into the article’s argument(s)?

What is/are the      article’s conclusion(s)?

  1. What are the      implications of this article on future research?

How is this article      relevant to research question you pose for the final concept paper?

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