S.P is a 58 female immigrant from India. Due to her Nursing Assignment Help

S.P is a 58 female immigrant from India. Due to her daughter’s and her 3 years old grand daughter’s recent homeless situation, she is coming to assist them. She is needing vaccines to her immigration purposes to get permission to stay here in the US. She has phobia of injections, so she is feeling anxious. She is needing to get varicella, MMR,TDAP, HEP B &HEP A. She has history of anxiety and hypertension. She is taking BP meds to control her hypertension, but she only has enough for 2 months and she will be out of her medication. They are low income and does not have any means of transportation. Lungs are clear, breaths sounds are equal. Abdomen soft, bowel sounds in all quadrants. Denies having difficulty urinating or having bowel movement. She is alert and orient time , she appears to be well nourished. Weight 168 height 5’4 no edema. Gait stable, surgery hx: hysterectomy. Skin warm and dry.


This is intended as an individual assignment that replaces the care plan requirement. Please be thorough in your work. Successful completion of this assignment is a required element of success in the NR442 Clinical Learning experience. 

Complete an SBAR on one of your patients. Use your course textbook and other course materials to review the concepts of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH), Cultural Assessment, and Health Literacy. Visit the CDC website to learn more about SDoH, cultural awareness in health care, and the importance of understanding patient’s health literacy needs. Then, select one area of need for further education, or possibly re-education for your patient. Answer the questions below in the teaching plan section. Submit your SBAR and Teaching Plan to your Clinical Instructor for feedback by their indicated deadline. Make corrections or answer further questions based on their feedback and submit your final work by the end of week 7 to your Canvas course Drop Box.  

Be sure to include citations and references in APA format where used. 

This assignment should include a minimum of two scholarly resources.


Situation: Reason for visit and primary medical diagnosis/problem.

Background: medical history and comorbidities, current medications, history of present illness/primary medical diagnosis and related medication history, perceived/stated issues, or concerns with management of present illness and treatments (medicinal and non-medicinal) that have worked well.

Assessment: Assess patient for social determinants of health and cultural assessment. Determine health literacy needs and potential or actual barriers to learning. 

Recommendation: Based on the information above develop a teaching plan that will meet the patient needs. (see next section)

Teaching Plan

What will you be teaching this patient and why? 

What is your expected outcome following the teaching session? What is your SMART goal?

What social determinants of health impact your education of this patient? How will you adjust your educational information to accommodate this need?

What cultural needs exist and how does you teaching plan meet the cultural needs of your patient?

What is your patient’s health literacy and ability to understand information being given? Are there potential barriers to learning? How will you accommodate your patient and what type of learning materials will be provided to help them learn and retain the information provided?

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