Review rubric. Paragraphs should be thorough. Therefore, Nursing Assignment Help

Review rubric. Paragraphs should be thorough. Therefore, instead of simply providing a simple answer, go into detail to show how well you understand your response.

Paper must follow APA format and the writing guidelines indicated here. 

  1. Find a podcast or video focused on one of the topics below. The content must be related to early adulthood or the target audience should be individuals between 18-29 years old. Please tell me which podcast episode you listened to  (e.g., Podcast was Therapy for Black Girls episode 228: Supporting the Fight for Reproductive Justice) or video you watched with the link.  The links below are just suggestions of youtubers or podcast creators.
    • Gender (Queer Healing Journeys (Links to an external site.) )
    • Sexuality (Shannon Boodram (Links to an external site.) )
    • Education and or Career (Women at Work (Links to an external site.) )
    • Social Life (Making Friends as an Adult) (Links to an external site.)
    • Love (Sternberg’s Theory of Love )
    • Lifestyles (NPR) (Links to an external site.)
    • Intimate Partner Abuse (ADVIP (Links to an external site.) )
    • Parenting (Shame Proof (Links to an external site.)
  2. Before listening to the podcast or watching the video. Write down your thoughts about the chosen topic related to those in emerging and early adulthood. (10+ sentences).
  3. Listen to the podcast or watch the video.
  4. Write anything you learned or anything that was confirmed. (10+ sentences).
  5. Did listening to the podcast or watching the video change your perspective that you shared in #2.? Any critiques of what you heard? How did it relate or add to chapter 7 in the textbook? (MUST RESPOND TO ALL 3 QUESTIONS; 10+ sentences)

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