Please turn in your Application Assignment 4 here. Choose Nursing Assignment Help

Please turn in your Application Assignment 4 here. Choose between reading the article Why Children Talk to Themselves or watching a Ted Talk on nutrition. 

You can find an example write up here . Download example write up here .You can find the article for this assignment here Download article for this assignment here. and the video hereLinks to an external site..  Each response to each question should be answered in at least one paragraph. Paragraphs should be thorough. Therefore, instead of simply providing a simple answer, go into detail to show how well you understand your response. Don’t forget the one page double-spaced summary.

Application Assignment #4: Why Children Talk to Themselves

What: In this assignment, you are aiming to learn more about why children may talk to themselves or nutritional concerns for young children.

Why: It is important to be able to get information out of articles and educational media.

How:1. Read the sample article review (to see what the finished product should look like) and then read the Article “Why Children Talk to Themselves” or watch the video Picky Eating Isn’t About the Food.2. Fill out the following questions below. Make sure the summary is at least one full page double-spaced following writing guidelines.3.  Make sure your answers are substantive (i.e., if you are asked to write a paragraph, don’t write one sentence; if you are asked to state different things you learned, make sure you do not just list three things. Go into detail about each thing instead in 2-3 sentences each), accurate, and clear (i.e., free of grammar errors).4. Review your answers for grammar and spelling.5. Review your answers to ensure that they are accurate, clear, and substantive. Check your answers against the rubric.

6. Paper must follow APA format and the writing guidelines indicated here. 


These are the only questions and prompts on the example that you have to respond to.

Responses should provide as much detail as the sample. Please avoid writing short responses.

  • Briefly state the main idea of this article/video in a paragraph:
  • List three important facts the author/speaker uses to support the main idea in a paragraph:
  • What is the conclusion of the author/speaker? Do you agree or disagree? Why? At least one paragraph.
  • Summary (Full Page Double Spaced). If you chose to watch the video, you may include content from section 4.7 nutritional concerns from your textbook.
  • Your finished product, including question responses and summary, should not exceed three pages.

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