medical indications (part 1)patient preferences (part Nursing Assignment Help

  1. medical indications (part 1)
  2. patient preferences (part 1)
  3. quality of life, and (part 2)
  4. contextual features (part 2).

Segment 1 will include analysis of medical indications and patient preferences. Segment 1 should be no more than 3 pages in length.

Segment 2 will be due 3 weeks after segment 1. It will include assessment of quality-of-life considerations and contextual features and an organized problem-solving section that: 

  1. defines the ethical problem(s)
  2. identifies three or more alternatives for resolving the values conflict or distress
  3. evaluates each of the option, and
  4. makes a justified recommendation.

 Segment 2 should also be no more than 3 pages in length.

You may select any case from Kuczewski’s Ethics casebook for hospitals, with the exception of case 9 that I analyze extensively as an example for you. You may also use a case from a scholarly source such as the American Medical Association’s online ethics journal: Journal of Ethics | American Medical Association ( to an external site.. Any case you select should have enough detail for your analysis to demonstrate your assessment for the 4 areas/topics and your problem solving skills.

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