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You will focus on the description of the current policy, a description of key stakeholders, and a description of key factors or multidisciplinary impacts for the policy. This section should demonstrate a good understanding of the policy. The overview of the current policy should provide details about the policy being analyzed as well as a description of the target audience for the policy. Describe the key stakeholders who have a significant interest in the problem being addressed by the policy. The key factors, or multidisciplinary impacts, are those factors that affect stakeholder viewpoints that need to be considered when analyzing the policy problem. These factors can include:

  • Epidemiological and medical factors (e.g., what is the scope of this problem and who is affected?)
  • Economic factors (e.g., what is the economic impact of addressing and of not addressing this problem?)
  • Political factors (e.g., are there interest groups, political groups, or individuals who oppose change and who support change for this problem?)
  • Ethical factors (e.g., are there communities or groups unfairly or disproportionately affected by this problem?)
  • Legal factors (e.g., are there legal restrictions or uncertainties related to this problem?)
  • Practical factors (e.g., is it realistic to solve this problem at this time?)
    1. Epidemiological and medical factors
    2. Economic factors
    3. Political factors
    4. Ethical factors 

Part 2 will include the following components in a narrative:

  1. V. Overview of Current Policy
  2. VI. Key Stakeholders

VII. Key Factors/Multidisciplinary Impacts 

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