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HIMA360-The concept of managing data is expansive and can involve a number of users, processes, and systems – particularly with health information systems. Healthcare organizations can have a number of information systems and various internal and external users; with numerous data needs. Project managers often have to assess the data needs and establish key indicators to collect data, in order to evaluate project success. Given what you’ve gathered about the concept of benchmarking, what key priorities would you put place to address and review project results that are based on data for decision-making?

HIMA410-Technology has afforded many improvements in the healthcare industry, primarily in the access to data and information, also known as or data sharing. At the same time, the industry is confronted with the important issue of protecting patient privacy. Big Data can raise a lot of questions regarding privacy and security; as well as ethical standards. Discuss the types of activities you would implement to ensure the proper use of data, particularly with the concerns of Big Data. What safeguards would you recommend for users of the data, for collection and retrieval purposes?

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