HIMA AMU Duplicate Medical Record Numbers Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

HIMA360-A risk analysis is one way to assess or identify the risks associated with a project. It can also provide an understanding of the project’s strengths and weaknesses. Imagine that you were recently assigned to look at the risks of duplicate medical record numbers at your hospital. The risk scale for this project is from 1 to 9; with 1 being the lowest, 9 is the highest. You discover that the risk severity for duplicate medical records is at level 6. What does this tell you about the problem of duplicate record numbers at the hospital? What action plans can you put in place to decrease the level of risk severity?          

HIMA410-Healthcare technologies can provide an opportunity to improve the quality of the data but does not eliminate them. One of the most important steps in data analytics is to verify that data sources are accurate, in order to produce usable information. Data cleansing is used to identify and correct data discrepancies and inaccurate information – often referred to as “dirty data.” Discuss potential causes of dirty data and key strategies that can be used to ensure the consistency of clean data, while using various healthcare technologies.

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