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Global health is influenced by a number of factors, including access to resources, globalization, and an increasingly mobile society. Across the world, the health of individuals and populations share common concerns as a result of this interconnectedness. The United Nations established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to target key determinants of health to reduce global health disparity and promote health equity for all.

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a global health issue and examine the SDG that informs strategies surrounding the selected issue. Factors that influence the issue will be analyzed, and efforts aimed at addressing the issue will be examined locally and globally. Implications for advanced nursing practice will be identified.

A printed version of these assignment guidelines is available below.

NR561 Module 1 Global Health Issue Assignment Guidelines and RubricLinks to an external site.

*PLEASE NOTE: According to the current edition of the APA manual, a running head is no longer an APA requirement. Please disregard the reference to a running head requirement in the below video and transcript.

ePortfolio: This assignment will also be a part of your ePortfolio. Students are encouraged to follow the guidelines for creating the ePortfolio by clicking  “ePortfolio” on the course home page.

Course Learning Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will address the following course learning outcomes:

CO 1: Describe the relationship between globalization, health status, and healthcare delivery. (POs 3, 5)

CO 2: Analyze the diverse variables that shape global health and their impact on health disparity worldwide. (PO 5)

CO 3: Propose strategies to support health equity and improve health outcomes from a global perspective. (PO 5)

CO 4: Consider professional opportunities to serve, advocate for, and contribute to the advancement of global health. (POs 3, 4, 5)

Assignment Overview

Review the SDGs and the health issues addressed through this initiative. Select one SDG of interest and consider the variables that influence this issue. Consider how efforts to address this SDG are evident in your region and globally, along with implications for the MSN-prepared nurse.

In a 3 to 5- page paper, address the elements below. Use a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. See rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper:

Provide an introduction to the paper.

Describe a selected global health issue, the factors that influence that health issue, and the impact of globalization on this health issue. Explain one SDG that targets the issue.

Discuss at least one local initiative and one global initiative to address this health issue. Explain how the local and global initiatives are similar and different, and how they align with the identified SDG to promote global health.

Describe opportunities for the MSN-prepared nurse to support the local and global initiatives identified. Propose one additional nursing strategy to address this issue and explain the intended impact of the proposed strategy on global health.

Provide a conclusion to the paper. 

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