PSY 2012 Miami Dade College Psychological Topics Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

  • [Required Discussion Prompts]

    • Where and How Did Psychology Originate? (LO-01.03–01.04) AND If you had to pick one of the historical perspectives to use to study and explain behavior, which one would it be? Why? (C01.1)
    • [Optional Discussion Prompt – Select (ONE) of the questions from either one of the groups below.]

        1. Aristotle was one of the first individuals to study and write about psychological topics. Which of his topics do you think is most important? What do you think he left out?
        2. Early psychologists were, for the most part, White men. How might this have influenced early conceptualizations of psychology and the development of early theories?
        3. Do you or did you ever have an object you believed was lucky? If so, what is the object and can you explain, from a behavioral perspective, how you came to believe in its ability to help you? If you don’t believe in lucky objects, can you use the behavioral perspective to explain why not?
        4. Can we ever really know what is happening in someone else’s mind? Can we even know what is going on in our own minds? Should we try to make behavior and — and our brain — transparent?

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