MRU Inadequate Management of Type 2 Diabetes Capstone Project Nursing Assignment Help


1. Implementation/Conclusion

– Implement the change you are proposing- This should be a continuation of Part I and Part II

2. Describe the practice change; is it in the community, organizational, clinic setting and so forth

3. Discuss how you would implement and assess the change; this should include time frame, setting, participants, barriers, external and internal factors.

4. How would you evaluate the change process? 

-The change must be measurable

-How would you measure or evaluate? Is there a tool to measure?

5. The literature review must support your change and implementation. Use leadership qualities and skills that will be utilized for successful completion of the project.

6. Discuss who will be invited to the proposal: who are the stakeholders?

-How will you present the information to your stakeholders? 

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