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please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment:

“Monitoring the project’s key performance indicators on a consistent basis and contrasting the actual outcomes with the ones that were desired are both necessary steps in determining whether or not a change project requires any modifications. In the event that there are discrepancies or indications of resistance, it is essential to investigate the underlying causes in order to establish whether or not adjustments are required. If they are not effectively managed, these adjustments have the potential to cause delays, which will have an effect on the timeline of the project. Making adjustments to the timing of events requires striking a delicate balance between ensuring the success of the change and minimizing disruptions. When deciding on the most appropriate timing, it is important to take into account the overall timeline of the project, as well as any important milestones and the potential impact on the various stakeholders.

When making suggestions for adjustments, clear and effective communication is absolutely necessary. It is possible to build understanding and support among stakeholders by sharing in an open and honest manner the reasons for the adjustment, the potential benefits, and the expected outcomes. Because it focuses on addressing the concerns of individuals at various stages of change, an approach that is aligned with the ADKAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement) can be helpful in communicating adjustments. This model is known as the Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement model. For instance, if a healthcare facility is in the process of implementing a new patient care protocol but encounters resistance from nurses as a result of workflow disruptions, assessing the need for adjustment might involve conducting a survey to collect staff feedback as well as analyzing patient outcomes. In order to effectively communicate this adjustment to stakeholders, you might consider holding regular team meetings, providing updates via email or the intranet, and creating opportunities for open dialogue.


Hiatt, J. M. (2006). ADKAR: A model for change in business, government, and our community. Prosci.

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Effective project management requires monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and assessing whether adjustments are necessary based on desired outcomes. This includes investigating the underlying causes of discrepancies or resistance and carefully considering the impact of adjustments on the project timeline and stakeholders. Clear and effective communication is crucial when suggesting adjustments, and an approach aligned with the ADKAR model can be helpful in addressing concerns at various stages of change.

I agree with the importance of monitoring KPIs on a consistent basis to evaluate the progress of a change project. By comparing actual outcomes with desired ones, we can identify whether adjustments are required. It is crucial to investigate the underlying causes of discrepancies or resistance to determine the need for adjustments. Without investigating these causes, adjustments may not address the actual issues and could lead to delays and disruptions in the project timeline.

I also agree that striking a delicate balance is necessary when adjusting the timing of events in a change project. We need to consider the overall project timeline and any important milestones, as well as the potential impact on stakeholders. Making adjustments at the right time ensures the success of the change while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations.

When suggesting adjustments, effective communication becomes paramount. Open and honest communication helps build understanding and support among stakeholders. Taking an approach aligned with the ADKAR model can be beneficial in conveying the reasons for the adjustment, the potential benefits, and the expected outcomes. This model focuses on addressing the concerns of individuals at different stages of change, allowing a tailored and comprehensive communication strategy.

In the example of a healthcare facility implementing a new patient care protocol, encountering resistance from nurses due to workflow disruptions, conducting a survey to collect staff feedback and analyzing patient outcomes would be crucial in assessing the need for adjustment. To effectively communicate this adjustment to stakeholders, regular team meetings, email updates, and opportunities for open dialogue should be utilized. By involving stakeholders in the process and providing transparent information, we can foster understanding and support for the adjustment.

Overall, monitoring KPIs, investigating underlying causes, and adjusting timings requires a comprehensive and communicative approach. Through effective communication and the application of models like ADKAR, adjustments can be successfully implemented while ensuring the success of the change project and minimizing disruptions.

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