HIM 445 Ashford University Primary Care Clinic Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

Option 1 – Last names beginning with A – H: Primary Care Clinic

Your healthcare organization has charged you as project manager for establishing a new clinic. Using real estate available in your area (Sacramento, California), identify three potential sites for your new assigned clinic. When deciding on a site to locate a clinic, four key considerations are: convenience, ease of access, connections to the community, and visibility. Using these factors and two additional factors of your choice, develop a model for selecting the ideal site for your clinic. Summarize why you selected the site. Include in your report a comparison of the three sites and include at a minimum:

  • Site location/address

URL for the site  

Square footage of the site

Monthly rent

  • Cost per square foot

A minimum of six factors for selecting the site

  • Recommendation and rationale for site.

Expert Solution Preview

As the project manager in charge of establishing a new primary care clinic in Sacramento, California, my task is to identify three potential sites for the clinic. In order to select the ideal site, I will consider a range of factors including convenience, ease of access, connections to the community, visibility, and two additional factors of my choice. Through this comprehensive analysis, I will determine the most suitable location for our new clinic.

Site 1:
– Location/Address: 123 Main Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
– URL: www.site1clinic.com
– Square Footage: 2,500 sq ft
– Monthly Rent: $4,500
– Cost per Square Foot: $1.80

Factors for selecting Site 1:
1. Convenience: Site 1 is centrally located within the city, making it easily accessible for patients from various neighborhoods.
2. Ease of Access: The clinic is situated near major highways and public transportation routes, ensuring convenient travel options for patients.
3. Connections to the Community: This location is surrounded by residential areas, allowing for strong community connections and potential patient referrals.
4. Visibility: Situated on a busy street, Site 1 offers high visibility, making it easily recognizable and attracting potential patients.
5. Demographics: The area around Site 1 has a high population density, with a diverse mix of individuals, providing a larger patient base for the clinic.
6. Parking Facilities: Site 1 offers ample parking space, which is crucial for patients who visit the clinic regularly.

Recommendation for Site 1:
Based on the evaluation of the factors, Site 1 emerges as the most suitable location for our new clinic. Its central position, ease of access, visibility, and strong community connections make it an ideal choice. Additionally, the availability of ample parking and the diverse population in the surrounding area further support our recommendation. Overall, Site 1 provides the necessary elements for a successful primary care clinic.

Note: The information provided above is a sample answer and does not represent any real sites or data.

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