Complete the Form: Identify Aerobic/Anaerobic Requirements for Your Fitness Client Nursing Assignment Help

Using the presentation(attached), and outside research, identify the ATP-PC requirements (maximal/peak effort), the anaerobic/ aerobic requirements (80-90% training intensity) and the aerobic requirements (moderate intensity) for a specific fitness goal for your client. YOU CAN CHOOSE THE GOAL FOR THE CLIENT. 

In addition, 1) identify the frequency of training per week; 2) sessions of training per day; 3) duration to achieve goal; 4) duration of training per session; 5) specific training methods to achieve Anaerobic (3 methods) and Aerobic (6 methods) fitness offered by the presentation; 6) specific drills used to develop speed, agility and power offered by the Speed, Agility, and Quickness videos (5 speed, 5 agility and 5 quickness drill). LINKS TO THE VIDEOS ARE BELOW

Attached is the form you have to complete, the presentation you will use for reference, and you can use whatever outside research you like just be sure to cite it in APA FORMAT. Also attached are links to the speed, agility, and quickness videos you must use to identify specific drills.

Speed Drills Video:

Agility Drills Video:

Quickness Drills Video:

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