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The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a policy brief on a current public health problem, issue or concern. In particular, this policy brief should be focused on a national health issue. National in this case, refers to federal policies or policies with overarching reach beyond the state level.

Your brief will addresses the questions listed below. The questions listed will guide the organization of your paper, including your APA headings. Please be sure to use titles/subtitles to organize your paper. In addition to your narrative content, you may also include the use of tables, pictures, figures, graphs, etc.

The policy brief is not to exceed 6 pages (excluding your title page and references).

You must include at least 5 recent references (within the last 5-10 years). 

The following link may be useful in your search for congressional policy initiatives. U.S. Federal Legislation:

National/ state Policy Brief Critieria: 

1. What is the Issue? State the health issue/problem that the national policy change is designed to address.

2. What is the Background? Present the data describing the issue/problem to be addressed by the policy change. Can include graphs, tables, figures, pictures, etc.

3. What are the Proposed Options? Discuss possible policy options to respond to the problem including a description of what others are doing in response to the problem, what is known about the policy options from peer review literature. As well as a brief discussion of the health, fiscal, administrative, legal, social and political implications of each policy option.


Teitelbaum, J.B. & Wilensky, S.E. (2023). Essentials of Health Policy and Law (5th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.

ISBN-13: 978-1284247459Senate Bill No. 1142


An act to add Sections 123430 and 123452.5 to the Health and Safety Code, relating to maternal health.

[ Approved by Governor  September 27, 2022. Filed with Secretary of State  September 27, 2022. ]


SB 1142, Caballero. Abortion services.

Existing law, the Reproductive Privacy Act, prohibits the state from denying or interfering with a person’s right to choose or obtain an abortion prior to viability of the fetus, or when the abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of the person. The act defines “abortion” as a medical treatment intended to induce the termination of a pregnancy except for the purpose of producing a live birth. Existing law establishes the Abortion Practical Support Fund, administered by the Department of Health Care Access and Information, for the purpose of providing grants to increase patient access to abortion.

 This bill would require the California Health and Human Services Agency, or an entity designated by the agency, to establish an internet website where the public can find information on abortion services in the state. The bill would require the Department of Health Care Access and Information to annually evaluate the grant program funded by the Abortion Practical Support Fund and report its findings to the Legislature. The bill would also make related findings and declarations, and would specify that it is to be construed to effectuate its legislative intent to support access to abortion in California and build upon California’s commitment to be a reproductive freedom state

Roe v. Wade | Summary, Origins, & Influence | Britannica

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The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a policy brief on a current national public health issue. The policy brief will analyze the issue, provide relevant background data, and discuss proposed policy options. The assignment should also include a review of the health, fiscal, administrative, legal, social, and political implications of each policy option. The brief should not exceed six pages and should include at least five recent references. The following questions will guide the organization of the policy brief.

Answer 1:
The issue that the national policy change is designed to address is the accessibility of abortion services in California. The existing Reproductive Privacy Act ensures the right to abortion prior to viability or to protect the life or health of the person. However, the new policy aims to improve access to abortion services by requiring the establishment of a dedicated internet website that provides information on abortion services in the state. This policy change recognizes the importance of reproductive freedom and aims to build upon California’s commitment to be a reproductive freedom state.

Answer 2:
The background data regarding the accessibility of abortion services in California demonstrate the need for the proposed policy change. The Reproductive Privacy Act protects the right to choose or obtain an abortion, but barriers to access still exist. By establishing an internet website with information on abortion services, individuals seeking abortion will have improved access to vital information. This will enhance their ability to make informed decisions and access the necessary healthcare services. Graphs, tables, figures, and other visual aids can be used to present the available data and illustrate the current situation.

Answer 3:
Several policy options can be considered to address the accessibility of abortion services. One option is to increase funding for the Abortion Practical Support Fund to provide grants and additional financial resources to organizations that support access to abortion services. Another option is to implement educational programs and campaigns to reduce stigma and increase awareness about reproductive rights. Additionally, policy changes can focus on improving the training and availability of healthcare providers who offer abortion services. Each policy option should be evaluated in terms of its potential health outcomes, fiscal implications, administrative requirements, legal considerations, social impact, and political feasibility. Peer-reviewed literature should be consulted to gather evidence and insights regarding the effectiveness of each policy option.

By addressing the above questions and considering the implications of each policy option, the policy brief will provide a comprehensive analysis of the national public health issue related to the accessibility of abortion services in California.

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