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Refer to the top assignment listed by the letter of your last name found below. Assume you are working on a project to improve customer service. Create a Pareto chart based on the information in the assigned option. Use the Pareto chart template (available in the online classroom) or use Excel to produce a Pareto chart that looks like the Pareto chart in Chapter 8 of the course textbook. Include three detailed actions to take to address the customer complaints.

Group 1 – Last names beginning with A – F:

Customer Complaint


Customer is on hold too long


An appointment is not available within 48 hours


Wait time in the exam room exceeds 20 minutes


Co-pay amount is incorrectly calculated by staff



Using the Gantt chart and timeline developed in Week 3 for your clinic, determine the critical pathway. What are the factors that contribute to the critical pathway? Identify tasks that could be done simultaneously and if so redo the Gantt chart in preparation for the Final Project. If you cannot identify any tasks that could be done simultaneously, explain why.

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