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Imagine you are creating a community health promotion resource that addresses a disease of your choice. You are creating this resource for the general public. 

Select a disease that aligns with the body systems covered in this course (Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Endocrine)

Create an informational resource (500 to 700 words) formatted an educational brochure (template provided)

Your informational resource should:  

  • Identify the disease.
  • Identify the population affected by the disease selected.
  • Describe specific cultural beliefs around the disease and how the treatment and management of the disease might be affected by cultural beliefs.
  • Identify strategies that can be used to promote health and wellness to communities to reduce or prevent the disease from having an impact on the community.
  • Describe how this disease and the management of it affects health care resources in the community.
  • Utilize graphics in your brochure as well

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