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Scenario: Continuing to apply your role as a summer intern for the not-for-profit organization, it is time to think about the employee training advocacy. You have been asked to address the following items: 

1. Narrative Brief: To propose training methods that can work for three categories of employees: clinicians, administrators, and staff at a local healthcare facility that has just transitioned from paper-based medical record to Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Evaluate the appropriateness of three training methods (one-to-one, workshops, computerized or web-based self-paced) for these three categories of staff (clinicians, administrators, staff).

Assess the need for contents to be covered for training of each category of employee (keep in mind their duties and functionalities of EHR to be used).

Also propose a suitable training time of the day (morning before duty, mid-day during break, after duty hours) for training of each category of the staff. 

2.  Voice-over-PowerPoint Presentation: Develop a framework for training materials development.

Discuss your philosophy of training comprising areas of the training to be addressed for the general staff and describe a method to assess the training effectiveness (whether the learners have learned what was intended)

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