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After reading Chapter 19 in Borkowski & Meese, (2021), go to Case Study 19-4, Prescription for Change – Opioid Crisis on pp. 356-357. This case study offers insights into planned change management. You have been hired as an external organization development consultant to work with pain specialists, surgeons, the ED, and administration to change opioid prescribing habits at the hospital.

In your paper, pull from the 8 steps of Action Research and the 5 D’s of appreciative inquiry in Ch. 19 to address the two discussion questions posed at the end of the case study. In addition to citations from required readings, at least one outside current reference (published within the last 5 years) is required.

Discuss the 5 D’s of appreciation inquiry as I’m not sure this topic is discussed in this book edition. Also please be sure to include a body outline. The last tutor forgot the outline.

The book is Organizational behavior in Healthcare 4ed. 

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