develop a flyer for absent serizures for parents(family/child). guidelines below Nursing Assignment Help

build a handout or brochure to be sent home with
the children Provide engaging and understandable materials for the family/child.
1. Define the ailment or issue in terms which the family/child will understand.
2. Provide information on at least 4 of the following topics:
a. Risk factors for the illness/injury
b. Signs and symptoms of concern  
c. When to call the provider
d. Possible treatments that can be provided at home without a medical provider’s order
e. Prevention strategies
f. Online resources
g. Community resources
3. Make sure the information provided has referencing at the bottom of the handout/brochure.
4. Provide one paragraph describing the types of issues you were seeing in the clinical day
and how this topic was decided upon (I will provide this myself for you to include)

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