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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) are common neurodegenerative diseases. They are debilitating conditions that affect the memory and movement of affected individuals, respectively. The incidence of AD and PD has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past 50 years and many have suggested a myriad of causes. However, some recent research has provided a link between neurodegenerative diseases and heavy metal toxicity.

1) What are heavy metals and how are they able to kill neurons (quote a primary source in a scientific/medical journal for 3 different heavy metals)?

2) What are the most common sources of these 3 heavy metals in everyday life?

3) Were these products in existence 100 or 200 years ago when the rate of neurodegenerative diseases was much lower? 4) Are these 3 substances known to cause or exacerbate other diseases besides neurodegeneration?

5) What can be done to prevent tissue damage from these substances?


Gravity and Bones
Most people think that bones are “set” body structures, changing very little. However, bones are highly dynamic structures, being formed and destroyed every day of our lives! Almost by chance, scientists learned that the force of gravity is essential for bone remodeling by observing that astronauts had quick and severe bone loss while in space.

1) Explain how gravity affects bone remodeling and discuss each of the internal structures, various bone cells and bone matrix that are affected by gravity (or lack thereof).

2) Discuss how this type of bone loss can be prevented (make sure it discusses how exercise mimics the effects of gravity not only in space but also here on earth and may be essential for keeping our skeletal system healthy).

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