Vitamins Minerals & Water in Diabetes Mellitus Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

A presentation for my nutrition and diet therapy class the presentation is on Vitamins,Mineral and Water.

This is the textbook: Dudek, Susan. (2022). Nutrition Essentials for Nursing Practice, 9th edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ISBN-13: 978-1-975161-12-5, ISBN-10: 975161-12-2

I. Introduction

Definition and importance of Vitamins, Minerals and Water in maintaining a healthy body

Overview of the chosen disease/condition and its pathophysiology

II. Nutritional Factors of the Disease/Condition

Explanation of how vitamins, minerals and water play a role in the development or management of the disease/condition

Detailed discussion of the specific vitamins, minerals and water involved

Table of Contents

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