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I need help with a 3500 word assassignment.

The assignment brief and details are attached below.

In the part of the promotion, please pick one of these health promotion campaigns

1. “Rethink your drink” campaign

2. “Talk they hear too” campaign

And follow all the instructions in the action plan to the letter.


1. The topic Rethink your Drink campaign is an already established health promotion campaign by the CDC, which started in 2018 raising awareness of the risk of consuming sugary drinks. Pls research on the topic ( Rethink your drink campaign) and cite the CDC reference and also read about the campaign

2. Follow the word guidance given. E.g. the introduction shouldn’t be more than 400 words

3. The references cited should be more than 20 to support the critique

4. Reference for each Health Belief Model should be cited as well

5. Also, citation examples of similar campaigns that used the same HBM with relevant references

6. The assignment is about critical appraisal and evaluation of the campaign using 3 HBM … that should be the focus on the body and evaluation

7. The assignment requires appendix. It’s stated in the brief.

8 I’ve sent an additional guide and also a draft which I did while I was researching to do it myself but decided to contract it out as I’m very busy at the moment .

Please go through them and do a good job

Thank you

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