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Read this article and then utilize it to address the assignment.

Hospital ordered to keep 11-month-old in Texas on life support, appeals court says (nbcnews.com)


You were part of the Medical Decision Making (MSM) Committee at your hospital. You are also the Administrative Manager of the Respiratory Therapy and Treatment Department of the hospital. The MDM committee has been asked to decide the status of the patient is the link above.

NOTE: This case is an old case and is only being used as a foundation for this exercise

The physician members of the committee have recommended that the child be removed from life support, but the family is having difficulty accepting the decision.

As a member of the MDM committee and as a Health Care manager, whose responsibilities include the best care to the patients and to the fiduciary well-being of the Respiratory Therapy/Treatment Department. IT IS NOT your job to make the medical decision but to make decisions as they relate only to your department. 

Consider the following:

  • Describe in detail the information that you would like to have available to you to aid you in making your recommendation to the committee.
  • As an Administrative Manager of the Respiratory Therapy/Treatment Department, discuss the issues related to your department that you would need to consider?
  • Discuss, in detail, the justification for the recommendation would you make regarding the continuation of care for Tinsley? (Because this is a scenario, you have limited information gathered only from the article; in the real world you would know more)
  • How would you describe the Moral Injury that might occur with those making the decisions and those caring for Tinsley?

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