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Assignment: Family Collaboration and Engagement (CAP PR OBJ 10)


This assignment will have you identify strategies for communicating, collaborating, and engaging with families to support their children’s development and learning.


View the video and respond to the questions.

1.Explain what the benefits are of establishing strong relationships and collaborating with families on supporting their child’s development and learning. Give at least 2 examples.

2.Give 5 examples of how you can make the classroom itself, the physical space, inviting and welcoming to families.

3.Give 5 examples of different ways that you can communicate with parents in ways that meet their needs or are comfortable to them.

4.Describe 5 different ways that you can involve families in your classroom and program.

5.What are 3 considerations you kept in mind that helped you decide on how to make the space inviting, communicate comfortable, and offer opportunities for engagement?

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