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Provide 1 page each for all the questions below. Single line spacing NoNo reference of other materials required. Use materials attached to answer the question. Use your own thoughts. Cite any references used using APA format.

Use the attached file name Baxter & Asia to answer Questions 1 and 2

1.When and how should strategy be tailored to particular locations?

2. Can multinationals wield competitive advantage by aggressively hiring talented members of the excluded social group in each market?

Use the attached file name Conflict management to answer question 3

3.The author suggests that the topic of conflict management is slippery because people cannot be easily directed and controlled, so theories on effective processes are constantly evolving. Based on Note on Conflict Management, the concept of differentiation is critical to gaining knowledge about your organization’s true strengths and weaknesses. Select one of the four links on page 8 (culture, authority, customer satisfaction, and management control) and suggest improvements that can be made to your workplace (prior or current). Support your ideas with documentation from the article.

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