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Healthcare advocates may face many barriers when advocating for patients. There may be physical, cultural, ethical, financial, and/or geographical barriers which can prevent effective communication between a patient/client and an advocate. It is important for healthcare advocates to recognize and overcome these barriers. 

For your initial post, create a scenario in which a barrier prevents effective advocacy. You can choose a barrier related to cultural differences between the advocate and client, an ethical issue that the advocate and client do not agree on, a geographical barrier that limits contact between the advocate and client, or a financial barrier between the advocate and client. Make sure to describe the issue the advocate is working towards, the patient/client/group that the advocate is representing, and the barrier that is going to prevent the advocate from effectively doing their job.  

For your reply post, respond to at least one other student’s initial discussion post. Create a plan for an advocate to overcome the barrier(s) noted in the scenario provided.  

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar  . 

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