Health & Medical Oppression and Its Effects on Mental Health Essay Nursing Assignment Help

Getting a Deeper Understanding

Discrimination, prejudice, aggression, and oppression often influence health behavior. In Module 1, you explored these issues in an interview.

Use the interview perceptions as a launch pad for research into discrimination, prejudice, aggression, or oppression on behavioral diversity, health and wellness choices made by individuals or groups, and the role of the health educator related to the selected topic.

Follow the steps to complete the assignment.

Step 1. From your Module 1 interview, select one of the following topics related to behavioral diversity and health and wellness choices: discrimination, prejudice, aggression, or oppression.

If your interviewee had no experience with any of the topics, select a topic of interest to you.

Step 2. Search and find a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles on the topic.

Step 3. Synthesize the information, and write 3-page literature review of your findings. Use the following structure for your literature review:

Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the topic of the literature review. Your introduction should relate the topic to behavioral diversity and health and wellness choices made by individuals or groups and the role of the health educator in addressing the topic.

Body: Discuss the information you have located about your topic in the literature. You may arrange the body of your paper thematically (patterns or themes found in the information), chronologically (in order from earliest to most recent research on the topic), or methodologically (types of research studies on the topic).

Conclusion: Summarize and discuss what you learned from the literature, including implications for health and wellness educators. Note areas you will consider for further study.

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