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Question 1

Innovation involves not only the envisioning of solutions to problems but also the creation of something new. While creativity and creative people exist in all organizations, certain conditions within the firm and the firm’s leadership are necessary to create a climate of innovation at all levels (p. 78). For this week’s assignment, research disruptive innovations in an area of healthcare that connects with your personal intrinsic motivations to be part of improving healthcare and choose one to discuss in detail. This could be a coming technology that will impact your current position, a change to service delivery in the healthcare sector you are employed in or will be leading, etc.

Use your research, as well as insights about innovation and disruption from this week’s readings to discuss the following

What potential changes are forecasted in this innovation(s) for the healthcare industry, and why are they important? 

What stages of the innovation process have already occurred and what might be ahead?

What is the role of leadership to guide this disruptive innovation? 

  • How can (or does) this leader motivate and develop the human capital central to the success of this innovation? Why is this so important? 
  • What insights about leadership and innovation does this example provide that other healthcare leaders should study or understand?
  • In your paper, be sure to utilize the textbook and integrate at least four peer-reviewed sources along with their citations and references. Your paper must be APA formatted and include at least 1500 words. 
  • Question 2 
  • This week your textbook discussed the need for advanced leadership development models that can enable the healthcare industry to move from short-term management to longer-term leadership (p. 58). At the organizational level, leaders must be able to convey exciting and worthwhile future possibilities to all the firm’s members, building excitement and motivation to embrace change and stay with the firm.  

For this week’s discussion, analyze and discuss the role of power and influence in healthcare leadership. Provide one real-world example of a contemporary leader in healthcare (within the past five years). Begin by introducing your leader and the organization they run, then discuss how they use their power and influence to lead their organizations or companies. Include the broader influence they have had on the healthcare industry. 

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